The Wedding Party


Colleen McCracken - Maid of Honor
I had the lucky fortune of meeting Melissa my freshman year of college. We became Mona and Lisa. Seriously, we told people that at parties. We still have 1 believer. Whether drumming on pots and pans, playing nerf guns or buying vans, I can always count on Melissa to make life interesting.

Casey Otto - Bridesmaid
Melissa and I have been lifelong friends ever since we met in middle school band and were the only girls in percussion. Aside from lots of drumming, we drove to school together, drank way too much hot chocolate, handed out cheeseburgers in our White Castle Knight costumes, and traveled to Alaska. We were one of each other's first good girl friends, proving that not all girls want to spend all their weekends at the mall, and would rather play laser tag.

Emma Rakowitz - Bridesmaid
Despite sharing several mutual friend groups throughout high school, Melissa and I managed to avoid being friends until we were well into our college years. I guess at some point we just decided we couldn’t avoid each other any longer. Since being forced into friendship, we bonded over a love for travel and started road tripping as often as we could. Some highlights include: basically meeting FloRida at the Iowa State Fair; orphans Thanksgiving in San Francisco; crying in Alaska (3 country songs in a row really pushes Melissa over the edge); that really offensive sculpture in Kalamazoo; primitive bath houses in Arkansas; when Firefly was finally over.

Lindsey Tedesco - Bridesmaid & Sister
Though our parents made us step siblings, Melissa and I created our friendship. I guess you could say she’s quite the role model. In fact, I even drove my car on a sand path in the woods because she told me to, clearly getting stuck and spending all day digging us out cracking up. I can always count on her to brighten up the party and make me laugh. We share the same love for adventure and travel and I am excited to tackle a road trip in that crazy van of theirs!

Krysta Contino - Bridesmaid
After initially bonding over a mutual lack of fashion sense, disbelief of Halloween costume selection, and love of spontaneous adventures, Melissa and I managed to end up as long-term South Jersey housemates with a 4-legged bulldog with more personality than most people… that is, until her stand-up Prince Charming came along and swept her off of her feet (and across the Delaware River).

Colleen and Melissa


Ben Stango

Ben Stango - Best Man
Nick and I spent the first years of our friendship trying to turn apathetic millennials into shining paradigms of American citizens. No big deal. But it was probably Dad-puns, disturbing party games, and expertly cooked feasts that really cemented things. Pretty excited for sixty-ish more years of all of that.

Steve Marzano

Steve Marzano - Groomsman & Brother
Nick and I haven’t had the chance to spend much time together since I left the country 10 years ago. When Nick came to visit a few years back, an epic overnight railway journey on the iconic Cassiopeia sleeper train up the main island of Japan and across the channel to the northern island of Hokkaido was a great way to catch up for lost time with my big brother. We did a lot of chatting, took in some incredible coastal scenery, learned to appreciate the taste of fresh sea urchin, and left our train cabin smelling so rancid and horrible that the famous and treasured Cassiopeia was then rendered unoperational and subsequently retired from service two months later. Sorry, Japan.

Jim Saksa

Jim Saksa - Groomsman
Nick and I became fast friends thanks to a shared love of Philadelphia, bad puns, good whiskey, late ‘90s indie rock, and well-run meetings. When Nick asked me to be a groomsman, he did so using an encrypted message that I had to decode. And so I’ve also included a coded message with the final sentence of this blurb about our friendship — only I have made mine also work as a semi-legible sentence. And I hope you can decode it, dear reader, as it contains critical clues for discovering the wedding’s real date and location: He’s the best, Real 1st, so happy For him plus, MS.

Paul Vidal - Groomsman
The first time I met Nick, I immediately thought to myself: this is the kind of person with whom I want to spend almost 48 hours crammed in a small car, feeling exhausted with every passenger of this car smelling like feet. So this is exactly what we did. 10/10 choice, will do again.

JP Fridy

JP Fridy - Groomsman
I’ve known Nick since the third grade, I believe. Pretty sure we met by happenstance while standing next to each other in line in gym class waiting to kick a ball, or some other activity I held in equal disdain at the time. We talked about Intellivision. Highlights from the years of friendship that followed include: legions of multicolored polymer insects baked in Nick’s creepy crawler bug machine, impromptu playwriting in English class, constant wordplay, and nigh uncountable hours of late-night philosophizing.