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How We Met

"It's raining in Philadelphia.
You are waiting for an uber outside an office building.
A cute boy asks you if your name is Melissa..."


Nick was leaving the office late. Melissa was leaving a Penn State event in the same building. As they stood in the doorway, a little notification popped up on Nick's phone: "Melissa will be joining your ride." Uber had just become a hell of a wingman. Jumping into action, Nick turned to the girl next to him and said, in a moment of profound wit, "...Melissa?"

Thankfully, Melissa took over from there. Over the course of a ten minute ride they realized they had several mutual friends, and had barely missed meeting each other on at least two recent occasions. Melissa asked for Nick's card, and on the way out of the car she winked at the other girl in the car. Well played.

Little did they know, it would be a life-changing ride.

And that's how you Uber meet cute.


Our Engagement

His Proposal

For his proposal, Nick decided it would be much more surprising to play to her strengths rather than his own. Nick knew Melissa had wanted to learn how to code custom skills for her Amazon Echo, but hadn't had the time. He bought an identical Echo, and spent weeks learning strange words like git and lambda to build an interactive choose-your-own-adventure of their relationship.

You can probably guess what the last question was.

Nick's Proposal

Her Proposal

Fun fact: They got engaged twice! Melissa popped the question first on the West Coast, and sealed the deal with this fashionable Ring Pop purchased on the Supai Reservation in Arizona. Little did she know, Nick had also been planning his proposal around that time, but was worried the trip would've been to obvious. Melissa saw the opportunity and went for it - Spoiler: he said yes.

Funner fact: This Ring Pop would later save Melissa's life, providing some much-needed electrolytes in the last mile of a brutal hike up the Grand Canyon wall.

Turns out, love tastes like Berry Blast.

Ford Transit

The Adventure Continues..